4 Conversion Optimization Superpowers for your SuperSite

by Jet Digital Marketing
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Conversion optimization means getting into the minds of a potential lead and figuring out what they want to see on your website. This can be a challenge if you do not have the right fundamental conversion tools in your toolbox. Here are four simple secrets to increasing your conversion rates and converting more leads on your site.


#1: Simplify

Always remember that with conversion optimization, most people have a very short attention span, browsing the internet and sometimes only staying on one site for a few seconds. Because of that, we need to make it very easy for them to see the next step we want them to take. You want to hand hold them through your page by making it easy enough for a 3-year-old to follow. You also want to remove distractions – once your potential visitor is in your sales funnel, remove unnecessary menu items, social layer buttons, etc. that are not vital to the conversion. In terms of getting people to do what you want on your site: the more simple, the better. 

"Simplifying" tips from our fellow marketers:

  • Decrease product options
  • Use less form fields (many marketers suggest no more than 4, while 3 is ideal). Read more on Quicksprout

#2: Use Your Call-to-Action Powers

Make sure you have specific call-to-action buttons and text on your site. Again, you want to make sure your user knows exactly what they are supposed to do. Stay away from general button text like "submit", "pay now", etc. - this type of text does not necessarily do anything for the visitor and does not "give" them anything. For each page, we try to use only one button to grab the attention of our users.

“Call-To-Action” sample text

  • Order Now
  • Get a Quote
  • Instant Quote
  • Sign Up
  • Use “Free” in your text
  • Learn More
  • Get Started
  • Next
  • More Info

#3: Rescue their Attention

It is important to make sure your call-to-action button is the most prominent item on your page, because this is your ultimate goal: to rescue the customer and beat the villans.

How do you make sure your call-to-action button is the most attention-grabbing item on the page?

Look at the page, slightly blur your eyes on purpose, and see what grabs your attention the most. If it is the button, you’re good to go. If it is something else, you need to rethink your on-page strategy. This is where you can change the button color, text size, font, style, button size, etc. Again, you'll want to reduce any distractions and allow their focuso to go to your desired call-to-action.

#4: Finally, Test Test Test!

This is massively important to the success of your conversion optimization. First, get a baseline of traffic, click-throughs, or conversions. Then run tests on everything you can, one at a time. Headline, number of form fields, button labels, button colors, etc. Anything you can think of that could help your visitors get to the next step. Once enough time passes, you can compare against your baseline and see your winners. 

Conversion optimization doesn’t have to be all that hard, but it can be when you get overwhelmed by the masses of information and do not take it in bite-size pieces.

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