8 Tips to Increase Your Quality Score in Adwords

by Jet Digital Marketing
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8 tips to increase your quality score in adwords

An important part of growing your online business involves keeping your Adwords quality score as high as possible. If you are new to Adwords or want to learn more about why a high Adwords quality score is important to your campaigns, you can raise your score number and design ads that will benefit your business by keeping these essential tips in mind and by partnering with a professional PPC management Utah service.

Adwords Quality Score Definition

Simply put, an Adwords quality score is a numeric ranking based on a scale from one to 10. A score of 10 means that your ads are highly relevant and utilize the most helpful keywords for your targeted audience, while a score of one means that your ads and keywords are entirely irrelevant to your ad campaign. 

When you achieve a higher score, you ensure that your ads will be displayed more often, especially when eligible. It also means that your ads match your keywords and are the most useful for reaching your targeted clientele.

Quality Score Factors

To assign a score to your Adwords campaigns, Google utilizes a number of different factors. Some of the more common aspects used to determine your Adwords quality score are:

  • Your display URL's past CTR Your campaigns' expected click through rate, or CTR, as well as your past CTR
  • Account history and the overall CTR of the keywords and ads in your account
  • The relevance, transparency, and user-friendly design of your landing pages
  • How relevant your keywords are to your ad campaigns
  • How relevant your keywords are to your customers' searches
  • The geographic performance of your campaigns in the region that you are targeting
  • How well your ads are performing on different websites How well your ads are performing on your targeted devices, such as cell phones, mobile tablets, laptops, and standard desktop computers
  • The relevance of your keywords to your landing pages


When you ensure that all of these factors apply as best as possible to your Adwords campaigns, you are rewarded with a higher quality score. A higher quality score can translate into more clicks on your ads and thus a higher CTR on your various campaigns. It also can earn you a higher position on sponsored ad results pages and allow you to use more ad extensions.

Tips for Raising Your Adwords Quality Score

When it comes to optimizing PPC, online business owners like you can achieve this important goal by making use of these simple strategies. To raise your score, you should:

  • Use negative keywords to ensure your ad does not display during irrelevant searches
  • Utilize keywords that are relevant to the products and services that you are selling
  • Design ads and choose keywords that are specific to the geographic region that you are targeting
  • Break up keywords into smaller ad groups instead of using all of your keywords for one or two campaigns
  • Use an engaging call-to-action to entice customers to click on your ads
  • Make sure that your landing pages are relevant to your keywords
  • Check your quality score often and know what is keeping it down or raising it higher
  • Increase your page loading times by eliminating or reducing meta refreshes, slow or multiple redirects, interstitial pages, slow servers, large pages, and other factors that cold slow down your page loading times


These strategies do require that you devote some time and energy to fine tuning your Adwords campaigns. However, by carrying out each one of these important steps, you can raise your quality score and ensure that your ads are displayed more often. Running an Adwords campaign can be a great way to grow your online business. You can achieve the highest quality score possible by keeping these eight simple tips in mind for your ads.