How to Develop Keywords that Convert: The Exclusive Guide

by Jet Digital Marketing
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Using the best keywords to attract traffic to your website is the basis for any good SEO strategy. However, your keywords alone cannot guarantee conversion on your site.

When you want a high conversion rate, you must develop keywords that will ultimately lead to this important SEO goal. If you outsource to an SEO services company or you manage your SEO with an internal team, following these strategies can help you develop keywords that convert and also let you understand how people are using the Internet to search for products and services today.

Know How Searchers are Searching

People today are using the Internet to search entire questions rather than single keywords. In fact, Blue Nile Research recently published a study that shows that people often use questions beginning with “How” when searching for information, products, or services.

Because many searchers are entering entire questions rather than one or two words in a search engine, you must adapt your keyword strategy accordingly. Instead of focusing on precise keywords, you should target questions and phrases that people may use when looking for the products and services you offer.


Know the Length of Search Phrases

Along with anticipating what questions searchers may ask, you also would do well to predict the length of their queries. As noted, fewer people are using just one or two words to search online. Instead, they are often using four or more words at a time to look for the information they want.

The same study showed that the average search phrase consists of five to six words, in fact. Given this fact, you can generate leads by using keywords phrases that are similar in content and length.

Learn from Your Customer Support Team

Your customer support team can offer you a wealth of information when it comes to developing keywords that convert. They are, after all, the front line representation of your company that interacts most frequently with your customers.

From your team, you can learn important details like what kinds of questions and concerns your customers have, what they need or want from your website, and what reviews they have of your products or services. Your team can also tell you if you are answering your customers' questions clearly or if you need to adjust your content.

Explore Forums and Online Communities

Along with interacting with your customer support team, you can also glean a host of information from online communities and forums. These venues provide the ideal location for you to discover what customers are saying about your company and your products or services.

You can also identify keywords from the comments and questions left on these sites and develop content accordingly. As you develop content based on these keywords, you can generate more leads to your website.

Check out Review Sites

Forums and communities are perfect for developing keyword ideas. However, professional review websites also give you a basis on which to build online content as well. Review websites give you an idea of what professional reviewers are saying about your products and services, as well as what issues they have with your site. You can also use these sites to engage your customer base and lead them back to your website by showing them that many of their questions or concerns can be answered there.

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Use Google's Instant Autocomplete Suggestions

Google suggest is a great way to find relevant keywords that you might not find using the Google Keyword Tool. This tool is exactly how it sounds. You go straight over to Google's search engine and start typing your relevant keyword you want to target, and see what suggestions Google brings up below your keyword. If you find a string of keywords you like from Google's suggestions, use those to build your keyword strategy. If you do not find something you want, try going to the bottom of the search results page and look at the sectioned titled "searches related to ...". There, you will find more related keyword strings to choose from.

Remember your Money Keywords

When developing a keyword strategy, remember to include money keywords like "buy online", " reviews", "discount ", or other money keywords that might increase the chances that your searchers will be ready to buy your product or service, or are searching for relevant terms. 

Know Your Competitors

Finally, any good SEO strategy today will include identifying your competitors and knowing what keywords they are using to generate leads and achieve rankings. You can compare your strategy with theirs and select keywords that are the most relevant for your purposes.

You can simplify this important step by using online tools and resources like Moz SEO toolbar, Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERPS Analysis tool, and Moz On-Page Grader. These tools will help you identify your competitors' search volume and page rankings and also let you choose keywords with the most profitability.

When you want to use keywords that convert, you must identify the strategies that will accomplish this important goal. These tips can help you choose keywords that generate leads and convert customers on your website.