Managing Your Business's Online Reputation

by Robert Boulds
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managing your businesss online reputation

Acquiring online reviews for your business leads to the formation and perpetuation of your business's online reputation. The reputation of your business can significantly impact a customer's decision to buy from you or go elsewhere to buy from your competitors.

Because your business's reputation holds so much influence over your existing and potential customers, it is important that you know how to manage this reputation online. First, it is entirely natural that you may feel angry or disgusted when reading a bad review of your business. Instead of allowing the bad review to cloud your judgment, however, you should use this negative post as a stepping stone to objectively considering your business, its products and services, and even your customer service staff.

If the complaint raises some legitimate points, you should act on those and formulate a plan to serve customers better. You can even engage the reviewer, apologize for the perceived sleights, and offer a solution to whatever dilemma this person has posted online.

You also are encouraged to find a way to turn the negative review into something positive that you can use to show other customers that you have their best interests at heart. Thanking the negative poster for raising concerns, inviting the customer to come back to your business for another chance, or reacting in another positive way shows not only the negative poster, but also other people reading the review that your business makes every attempt to provide great customer service. By carefully tending to this important aspect of digital marketing, Salt Lake City business owners like you can manage your business's reputation and positively influence people's decision to choose you over your competitors.

Your online reputation plays into your business's success and ability to make a profit. It is important that you know how to manage your company's reputation online.

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