SEO Survivor Salt Lake City Edition: Meet the Cast

by Jet Digital Marketing
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Meet the cast of Survivor SEO Salt Lake City Edition, and learn their SEO strategies and secrets to beat out their team members in this year's competition. Who do you think will win?


The Blonde

"It's not like I try to get everyone to look at me all the time, they just do! I guess it might be because I love wearing bright colors, they just make me happy inside."

Strategy: You can increase your click-through-rate by changing your website colors. Studies show button colors that are red have a 21% higher click-through-rate than green buttons.

Source: Hubspot 


The California Surfer Dude

"I just like to take my board out and hit the waves. When it's just me and my board, I feel so free, like I can do anything."

Strategy: Adding the word "free" into your message has shown to decrease the cost per acquisition. It is always good to add a dollar value to your free offer as well, so your clients know the value of what they are getting.

Source: QuickSprout


The Nerd that has a Weird Obsession with Feet

"There's this documentary that has 100 different types of feet from all different countries, it is absolutely fascinating. I love watching foot documentaries, they are so informative, I wish I could visit every place."

Strategy: Including videos on your website creates more conversions for Utah SEO. One study with used videos on their landing page and increased their conversions by 64%!

Source: Conversion-Rate-Experts


The Obnoxious Football Jock

"My motto is: the bigger the muscles, the better. If you want to get chicks, you have to have big muscles. I think it could really help me out-survive the rest of the cast as well, no one else stands a chance."

Strategy: In one study by WiderFunnel, they accomplished a 32% increase in conversions compared to their control page by increasing the size of their call-to-action button coupled with a clear call-to-action that read "Download Now". The bigger the buttons, the better.

Source: WiderFunnel


The Librarian

"I love to read. The hardest part about being on Survivor is going to be not having my cup of tea and a good book to read before I go to bed every night. Who needs people when you have good books?"

Strategy: Try to put your most valuable content in the top left of the webpage. Most languages read from left to right, and your viewers will have an easier time finding the information you want them to focus on. Most people search pages in an "F" pattern. Just look at search engine results pages, where do they keep their most valuable content?


The first ever Salt Lake City SEO Survivor is underway, what is your number 1 SEO survival tip? We would love to hear your tricks to add to the mix!