Google Chrome Browser Tools for SEO

Google chrome browser tools for SEO

For the best SEO techniques, Web developers can use Google Chrome extensions and tools. These tools help you to see how your website looks on Google and how Google crawls the site. With these analytics tools, you can take screenshots and find the best SEO strategies for your site. From tracking visitors to your website to learning how your site is crawled, these extensions are simple ways to discover the most common website issues.

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Top 5 Wordpress SEO Plugins of 2015

WordPress is no longer a budding platform. It has innovated to potentially the highest degree. A majority of the innovations involving WordPress SEO from here on out revolve around the user base. Developing fascinating plugins that range in effectiveness from gimmicky junk to fundamental game changers, the users are reinvigorating the WordPress platform and helping to keep it in the number one spot against fresher faced competition.

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