Why You Should Try an Adwords Call-Only Campaign

by Jet Digital Marketing
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If you are interested in getting more leads from your Adwords account and lowering your CPC, you might be the perfect candidate for call-only ads. 


What are Call-Only Ads?

Call-only ads were introduced by Google on February 20th, 2015—so they are fairly new to the Google Adwords advertising space. These ads are particularly unique to Adwords because users are able to call your business straight from your ad on the Google search results page, and you only pay for clicks on these ads when someone is attempting to call you from Google search. As Google says, “every click goes towards a phone call.” Additionally, call-only ads only show on mobile devices that can make calls. They will not show on desktops, tablets, etc—strictly mobile devices.


Why should you use Call-Only Ads?

In the age of the mobile phone takeover, it is easy to conclude that many people are using their phones to search the web. In addition to increasing use of mobile phone searches, people are calling businesses right from the search results. According to Google, “70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.”

Because Call-only ads are fairly new, the cost-per-click of these ads—based on research with our clients—tends to be fairly lower than the cost-per-click of traditional pay per click text ads on Adwords. So if you are looking for a drop in price for advertising online with a potential for great conversion rates, call-only ads are a great option.

The setup is easy if you do not have landing pages setup or an established website. If you are just getting started on your company’s website, or if you have not established landing pages for your ads, this is a great way to get started. The user will never go to your website from clicking on your ad on Google search, they will only be directed to call your business.


What is Included in the Call-Only Ad on Google Search Results?

Call-only ads include much of the same text that you would see on traditional text ads. The big difference is that call-only ads allow you to advertise your business’s phone number instead of having a headline for your ad.

Another difference from text ads is that call-only ads show a “call” button on the ad itself, so that users can easily click on your ad from their mobile browser and call your business. This can also be a feature on text ads, but this would require you to create an “ad extension” that is then added onto your text ad. The call button is then periodically tested along with other ad extensions; and there is no guarantee that the call button will be shown on your text ad. With call-only ads, there is always a guarantee. The call button will be shown every time your call-only ad is displayed on Google’s search results.


Are there Downsides to Call-Only Ads?

The only downside that we have recognized in testing these ads is that you will be charged if someone clicks the “call” button on your ad, but does not complete the call. For instance, if a user accidentally clicks your ad’s “call” button and then quickly ends the call—you will be charged for that click. This downside is minimal compared to the huge potential these call-only ads can offer you business for increased leads and conversion rates.

Call-only ads are a great way to advertise with very little risk. You know what you are paying for, and you are pretty much guaranteed awesome conversion rates!

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