How Customers Use Online Reviews of Your Business

by Chris Rowe
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how customers use online reviews of your business

Online reviews provide potential customers with information about your business that they can utilize in a number of different ways.

The fact that someone is reading reviews about your business means that this potential customer has something in mind that he or she wants to buy and now is considering whether or not your company can provide the desired products or services.

Whether the reviews are good or bad, they have the near-instant ability to sway this possible buyer's decision to shop at your business or choose your competitor instead.

Online reviews are so vital to your business's local SEO strategies that studies have shown that negative reviews have just as much influence as positive reviews. In fact, while close to 90 percent of the people polled for one study say that they base their shopping decisions on positive reviews, close to 86 percent report allowing negative reviews to hold the same influence over their shopping decisions.

Moreover, in recent years more people have been turning to reading online reviews at length to help them decide whether or not to shop at one business over another. While 90 percent of people polled for one study say that they read online reviews before shopping at a business, close to a third of those same respondents say that they read up to six reviews before making their final decision.

Given this information, you can understand why online reviews are important to your local SEO strategy. These critiques of your business help customers quickly and decisively choose your products and services over those offered by one of your competitors.

Customers utilize online business reviews to finalize their buying decisions and to select a business at which to shop. Your business's reviews play a direct role in your company's growth and profits.

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