Lead Generation

Through the constant changes in technology, lead generation has drastically changed and will continue to do so. Due to the vast amount of information available online, buyers are becoming more and more educated early on in the process when they first contact a company. 

Because of the masses of information, attention is hard to find. Buyers are overwhelmed by all the information and they are getting better at ignoring the messages they do not want to hear and learning about things themselves.

There is a new buying process.

The old concept of lead generation was to find potential buyers and pass them to sales. Sales expected to speak to uneducated early buyers and qualify them. Today, buyers are already educated through all the masses of content and search engine results. In today’s world, buyers might even be 90% of the way through their buying process by the time they reach a certain vendor.

Your job is to create interest and be seen in spite of all the different forces that are pulling your potential lead this way and that.

How will your Future Leads Hear You?

First and foremost, you need to harness your online presence. In order to do this–– content creation is King. You need to first create and share relevant and valuable content that can be seen by your target audience.

Second, you must market that content through search engine marketing, email marketing and other outbound marketing techniques. But this is just the beginning to a successful lead generation plan! 

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