15 Responsive Web Design Developer Tips and Best Practices

15 Responsive Web Design Developer Tips and Best Practices

With the rise in mobile devices, websites must be optimized for desktop and mobile viewers. For web designers and retailers, this means that each type of device needs a website version that is compatible. By using responsive web design, companies can reach out to more website visitors and attract new customers.

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15 Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate on your Website


When you want your website to garner as high a rating as possible, it is important that you keep your site's bounce rate low. Bounce rates refer to the number of times people visit your website, but then fail to follow through with buying anything, signing up for a newsletter or special offers, or clicking on another section of the website.

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2015: The End of E-Commerce?

Is this the end of E-commerce? 

The Internet has drastically been changing the way we communicate. One of the extreme changes in this day and age is the change in business communications over the Internet.

“Internet is a tool that dramatically lowers the cost of communication. That means it can radically alter any industry or activity that depends heavily on the flow of information. “*

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Google Chrome Browser Tools for Development

Google chrome browser tools for development

To test a website for performance and style, website developers can turn to Google Chrome. This browser includes a number of tools to help with website development. From checking how the site appears on different devices to looking for errors, Google Chrome offers a variety of options for website developers.

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My Website Serves No Purpose Whatsoever. How Do I Make it Useful?

Every serious business needs a website. Let me restate that: every serious business needs a useful website, and not all websites are useful. The majority of websites in internet-land have no clear goals, and serve no productive uses to their owners. 

This blog will outline how to begin strategizing about how to make your website an extremely useful tool for your business. By following these steps below, you can get an idea of how your website, if setup correctly, can gather useful data to help support business decisions. 

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Take Control of your Website: Your Website Explained in Four Simple Sections

Many business owners and clients I talk to don’t fully grasp the structure of their business’s website. This can be an extreme disadvantage, and can lead to problems like:

  • Paying for online services that you don’t need
  • Believing you own your website and its content—when you actually don’t
  • Feeling powerless against GoDaddy customer support and/or your web development agency
  • Accidentally taking down your website

I want to explain 4 sections of your website that will simplify your understanding of how your website is structured, and put you in a power position to negotiate with your web development agency and experts alike.

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The Pros and Cons of DIY Websites

the pros and cons of diy websites in utah

An attractive, engaging, and useful website is one of the most important resources for any successful business today. When you launch your company, you may wonder if it is better for you to build your own website or if you would be wiser to hire someone to make a website for you. You can make this important decision by learning about the pros and cons of both do-it-yourself and custom web design services.

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The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use


For all of the small business owners, bloggers, web designers, graphic designers, marketing managers, content marketers, and SEO companies, at some point or another we are in need of some high-quality free stock photos that we can use for our websites and other projects. Here is the ultimate list the we have compile of some of our favorite places to get some amazing free stock photos—royalty-free.

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Top 5 Wordpress SEO Plugins of 2015

WordPress is no longer a budding platform. It has innovated to potentially the highest degree. A majority of the innovations involving WordPress SEO from here on out revolve around the user base. Developing fascinating plugins that range in effectiveness from gimmicky junk to fundamental game changers, the users are reinvigorating the WordPress platform and helping to keep it in the number one spot against fresher faced competition.

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