My Website Serves No Purpose Whatsoever. How Do I Make it Useful?

by Jet Digital Marketing
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Every serious business needs a website. Let me restate that: every serious business needs a useful website, and not all websites are useful. The majority of websites in internet-land have no clear goals, and serve no productive uses to their owners. 

This blog will outline how to begin strategizing about how to make your website an extremely useful tool for your business. By following these steps below, you can get an idea of how your website, if setup correctly, can gather useful data to help support business decisions. 

Define your business goals and objectives

The first place to start when making your website useful is high-level. Make sure you have clear business goals and objectives. This way, you can make sure your website is in line with those goals and objectives. 

Define the purpose your website serves in helping to meet those goals and objectives

The purpose of your website is to be a tool to your business to help increase your competitive advantage. After defining your business goals and objectives, decide what your website’s purpose is (or what you hope its purpose will be) in helping to meet those business goals and objectives. 

Outline the most important data you hope to gather from your website

Are you interested in people filling out a form to get ahold of you for customer support? Are you interested in generating leads from your website? These are all questions you should ask yourself. What is the most important data you want to get from your website? 

Outline how your website will help you gather that data

Decide how you want to gather your useful data. Do you want to have sign-up forms? Do you want to have pop-ups that include a call-to-action, telling the user they can get a discount for something if they give you the data you are after? Brainstorm some of these ideas and write them down. 

Be unique, but do not be too unique

Just like railroad signs, people are used to a website behaving a certain way. Do not try to get so creative that users will not be able to predict what actions they are supposed to take on your site. There are specific web standards that should not change, and there are also ways to adhere to those standards and be creative at the same time. 

Consult with a web development specialist on how best to integrate your business’s goals and objectives with the purpose of your website in a creative and unique manner

After gathering all the data above, the next step, if your budget allows, is to consult with a web development specialist. They can help you decide if the ideas you have for your website are in line with your business’s goals and objectives, and if they are going to get you the best chance for a high return on investment from your website. 

Making sure your website has a clear purpose and supports your business is a great way to build a competitive advantage in any industry. A website is a useful tool that can be used to gather information about your customers and potential customers, and is very powerful if it is used right. Get something back from your website, and don’t let it just sit there!