2 On-Page Optimization Tips even Eric Cartman can Understand

by Jet Digital Marketing
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Photocredit: South Park Comedy Central

What is SEO?

SEO is more formally known as “search engine optimization”, or in Cartman’s terms, “a thing that helps you become #1 in Google and beat everyone when someone searches for your products or services”.  Although there are many different strategies to SEO, there are some basic strategies that the majority of us SEO-fanatics use that can be implemented with little or no experience in web design. They’re so easy, even Eric Cartman can do them!


Tip 1: Master your Title Tags

This is your Title Tag

Title tags are the part of a webpage that define what it is. Search engines many times use these titles in their results page, and social media platforms use these tags when someone decides to share your page as well. This is why these titles must be specific, attention grabbing, and relevant.

Google typically displays 50-60 characters of a title tag, so when creating your title, make sure it is between these characters in length.

Remember to include your desired keyword in your tag as it will show up highlighted in search results! You should also place this keyword close to the front of your title tag so you will rank higher in search engines for that keyword.

Use your brand name in the title tag to create brand-awareness and potentially create a higher amount of clicks to your site when you become known as a trustable source.

Make sure each title tag is unique for each different page

Tip 2: Meta Descriptions are Mega Important


Meta description tags are a chance for you to advertise your content to searchers. The meta description is the other factor that will show up on search engines along with your title tag. This will also show up on social media sites when someone decides to share your page. Some things you should keep in mind are as follows:

Search engines will show roughly 150-160 characters in your meta description, so you should try to keep your characters to this length. The optimal length is about 155 characters.

This description should use your keywords strategically and also feature content that will make a user want to click to learn more.  Make sure to have your keywords you want to target!

Make sure each meta description tag is unique for that page, you do not want duplicate content!

Do not use “quotation” marks, as any non-alphanumeric character is cut off by Google.

These are just the beginning steps to a compelling webpage and web presence that search engines love, and that your users will love. Stay tuned for our next episode: 3 SEO Techniques that help Kenny McCormick Avoid Dying.